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Frequently Asked Questions
Tera Judell, MSW, RCST, RPP, PBT

How long is a Cranial session?
A session generally runs approximately 1.25 hours. Typically, the first session, or intake, runs a bit longer in order to obtain a complete history and clarify the client’s intention for coming.

How many sessions will it take before I will notice a change?
This question is frequently asked by new clients. Truthfully, it is difficult to specify the number of sessions without first meeting someone. I want to have a clear sense of what a client is looking for as well as an understanding how their body is currently holding “balance” in relation to their life experience. I like to suggest that we commit to an initial 4 sessions. Then together we will explore our options.

Do you work with pregnant women?
Yes absolutely! In fact, I believe that the modalities I use support and deepen a woman’s experience from preconception through the birth of her child. For example, in working with a number of pregnant women, I realize the profound impact that craniosacral work has on the relationship between mom and her baby. Besides, babies love it! Many moms report that the birthing process seems gentler.

What is the advantage of working with infants?
Even in the “easiest” birth, an infant will experience stress/trauma. Skillfully working with babies, children and their families, provides a way of exploring and resolving traumatic imprints, which have their origin in prenatal life and the birth process. Working with the baby within the context of the family system enables the process of identifying the origins of current stress patterns. This information is significant in resolving the system’s stress/trauma

What will I feel when I am in a bodywork session?
Craniosacral therapy/polarity therapy does not hurt. Either modality can be gentle or subtle and simultaneously very profound. The client may feel waves of energy, tingling, heat or a sense of chill. Sometimes the client will experience a jerking sensation as their body releases shock. Some clients fall asleep, and others describe their experience as “traveling”.

Have you had experience working with infertility Issues?
I have treated more than a hundred women with infertility issues. I believe that the modalities I use are a critical adjunct to anything else the client is doing to facilitate pregnancy. It may be surprising what is held in the body, (memories, tension, fear) which can impede the ability to get pregnant. Furthermore, therapeutic bodywork is an amazing way of allowing to relax, settle, revive and more gently embrace the process.