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Tera Judell, MSW, RCST, RPP, PBT

Tera has spent the last ten years exploring the dynamics, interpersonal aspects and impact of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) on the individuals involved as well as on future generations.  The ramifications of fertility treatments have yet to be fully explored, and this author believes the implications are profound for all involved.  She holds a wondering about what might be the long-term repercussions for those ill-informed of how the fetus imprints experience.  She indeed wonders about the impact on both the parents and baby as they both attempt to be resourced in their experiences and integrate the stress and strain of this miraculous yet personally challenging new technology.

The authors’ understanding of this comes directly from her own personal journey of eight years of fertility treatment.  Because of this experience and her understanding of pre & peri natal psychology, she has been a resource and counselor to many women and their families who find themselves needing to navigate the unknown territory of assisted fertility treatment and the emotional terrain inherent in that process.

Tera would say that she is neither for nor opposed to ART, and she herself appreciates the significance and depth of the experience.  However, in her book Tera raises many concerns and asks poignant questions, advocating for possible changes within the medical model.  She offers a unique paradigm for looking at ART, along with a number of viable tools to generate the skills necessary to view all options with which to facilitate a gentler, more loving experience.

She wonders if in the quest to evolve as human beings we have overlooked the significance of embracing our humanness.  Her hope is that this intimate journey be one of “connectedness,” and in the best possible way support a healthy bond between parent(s) and child.  “There are many possibilities.”  Her book will open the doorway to these new possibilities and provide a guided path for support and joy through one of life’s more difficult yet rewarding passages.

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