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Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy
"It is more obscure, the so-called minimal inhuries of no aparent clinical significance that too often go undetected and that are so often responsible for problems of development and growth during periods of infancy, childhood and adolence." ~Dr. A. G. Cathie

It is important to understand the significance of our earliest experiences. Such experiences create a foundation and are formative with respect to the development of personality, one’s sense of self-worth and the ability to be in relationship with others. This early time also has tremendous impact on an individual’s health throughout life.

Information about preconception, the pregnancy and birth provide significant and valuable explanations about the origins of certain complaints, problems or issues. The difficulties that occur in the early years have potentially a greater impact than if they happened later in life.

The relationship between a child and mother during this early time, (from in-utero through birth and for about the first two plus years) has a powerful affect on a child’s “healthy” development. Healthy bonding and attachment enables a strong sense of self-confidence and resilience through times of internal and external stress.

There is very clear evidence that babies and children benefit a great deal from Craniosacral Therapy. Coming into the world is a very big deal in the life of a child. The pressures on the cranium, the potential for getting “stuck”, the use of interventions, (whether surgical or chemical), greatly affect the infant’s body and have a significant impact upon the nervous system.

Pediatric Craniosacral therapy can greatly reduce the impact of any adverse or overwhelming circumstances. This gentle and supportive approach allows the infant, toddler or child to organically resolve any adverse physical or emotional imprints from the birth experience. Adverse imprints patterns may show up in diverse ways, such as breast feeding difficulties, colic, sleep disturbances and later as hyperactivity, headaches and inappropriate social skills. Pediatric Craniosacral therapy facilitates an inner softening and connection to self ensuring greater ease with bonding and attachment.

If we can help babies and children to resolve some of these early traumas, we can offer them more opportunities to realize their human potential.

Tera has worked with a wide range of children’s issues, including “special needs” and is available for consultation.

Initial intake information is via phone contact at Tera's NYC office at 212.249.7711 or Tera's Santa Fe office at 917.597.9698.

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