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Prenatal & Perinatal Birth Therapy
“Birth is one of our most formative experiences, a universal rite of passage that can generate significant lifelong physical, emotional and mental effects ... Working with babies and adults who are processing birth experiences is one of the most significant and gratifying applications available to practitioners, because of birth’s central role in the psycho-emotional, structural and energetic patterning.” ~Franklin Sills

Prenatal and Perinatal Birth Therapy is based on the work of Dr. Ray Castellino together with the influence and writings of Dr. Daniel Siegel, William Emerson, Dr. Alan Schore and others, offering an extensive range of skills, including craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, knowledge of midwifery and obstetrical practices as well as neurobiology and embryology.

This approach supports an adult, infant, child or family to explore, resource, and understand the early imprinting of the prenate, the birthing experience, the development of secure bonding and attachment and early physical or emotional trauma.

“Our earliest experiences are embedded in our being and act as a natural filter Of our perceptions and interpretations of situations, people, and even sense of self.” ~Wendy Anne McCarty

These imprints hold substantial information about who we are. Evidence shows that many health issues together with one’s ability to deal with stress and trauma are not only linked to this earlier time, but if there is no intervention, these issues may likely continue over time.

Within the context of a session, this information is revealed quite naturally. In the process, the client begins to understand the nature and ramifications of these imprints, and is able to more accurately understand how certain patterns show up and repeat in our daily life.

This process incorporates a variety of skills, including dialogue, trauma resolution/ repatterning, craniosacral therapy and resource building within a safe container. The experience is life affirming. The practitioner works gently, guiding the client to learn where the edges are, providing the support to understand and clarify particular issues and make healthier choices. The result is a deeper commitment to oneself, more compassionate relationships, and the possibility for the healthy growth of children and effective parenting.

Tera has extensive experience working with and researching fertility/infertility options, including alternative therapies and medical interventions. It is a priority to assist and support couples and/or single women to safely bring their babies into the world.

Tera is a Doula and is available to provide preconception guidance and education, labor assistance and post partum awareness and resourcing.

She also has experience in working with special needs children.

Initial intake information is via phone contact at Tera's NYC office at 212.249.7711 or Tera's Santa Fe office at 917.597.9698.

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