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Tera Judell, MSW, RCST, RPP, PBT

“I know that clients are truly perfect, but something has happened to the bodymind, and “dis-ease” or “unhealth” has occurred. Being absolutely present in the relationship, by the way the container is created, by the way I sit with them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, they are able to see their own wholeness, and they make contact with the experience of health. Within the container of the relationship, they can relax enough to allow the wisdom of their own body and mind to heal."

The journey of “well-being” is potentially the most exciting of your life. I believe it’s important that we pause and take our time to explore the places in our lives that are not working…and then, open ourselves to considering new choices and opportunities.

I hold the wonderment of possibility.

It is a privilege and a profound learning for me to be with you.”