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"Tera has been for me, a blessing in my life. I first heard about cranio-sacral work I most needed it—when everything from traditional medicine to reiki to physical therapy to acupuncture could do nothing, really, to truly heal my body of intense and often, mysterious pains held, strongly, throughout—from my joints to my stomach to my eyes to my sinuses and so on. From the very beginning, I found a person who listened to all I said and didn't say, a woman who listened to my body as well as to my words, a human being who did not judge. She is compassionate and passionate about her work, is creative in her approach and wise in her application. I have learned so much, my body has healed through so much more than I thought possible. I trust her implicitly and cherish what has become, her friendship. She brings to her sessions, pure presence, humor, open love, listening and confidence. In Tera's hands, cranio-sacral work reaches a level rarely achieved, one of pure power, of gentle understanding and tender of change. She is a gift to the world. It is my honour to know her, to go to her for this amazing work and to count her among the beautiful beings in my life. Thank you, Tera ... thank you, life!" ~M.T.Y, New York, New York

“Tera is incredibly accomplished with a deep understanding of many modalities of treatment. What she is exquisite at is what a healer is exquisite at: They know that by themselves they don’t do anything; but they come into relationship with someone and they support that person and they witness with that person in a such a way that an incredible relationship forms and within that relationship the healing occurs.” ~S.A., Ashland, Oregon

“Tera has the capacity and depth of understanding, that steadfastness, to do whatever it takes to come into relationship so the healing can occur.” ~D.Y., Ashland, Oregon